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Why add Beeswax to your Skincare regime?

Beeswax isn’t only used to make candles, it is found in makeup and skincare products. It is obtained by a heating process in which the wax from the honeycombs is extracted for domestic, cosmetic, and industrial use. Beeswax is enriched with the wonder ingredient, vitamin A, that promotes collagen productions and provides a hydration factor for the skin. Vitamin A is the main component of beeswax and it deeply moisturizes your skin, making it look younger, beautiful, and radiant.

How Beeswax helps your skin:

· Beeswax is an excellent rejuvenating agent- the vitamin A penetrates deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production and blood circulation to the skin. This boosts cell growth and repair, which aids in reversing skin damage.

· Beeswax is a great anti-aging component- it provides moisture and promotes collagen production, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

· Beeswax treats acne- It is packed with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which helps reduces inflammation caused by acne. Vitamin A helps the skin stay moisturized and heal faster, reducing scarring after acne.

· Beeswax reduces the appearance of dark spots- beeswax helps attain an even-toned dermis. It reduces discoloration and hyperpigmentation, giving your skin a radiant glow from within.

· Beeswax is a natural exfoliator- It helps unclog pores and aids in the exfoliation of skin by removing dead skin. This prevents acne and inflammation.

· Beeswax is an antibacterial- it keeps your skin clean by preventing bacterial and fungal infections.

· Beeswax is a natural moisturizer- It gives your skin a dewy complexion by keeping your skin hydrated. Not only does it lock the water in, but it also works as a barrier to pollution and environmental damage by forming a protective layer on your skin.

· Beeswax treats Eczema- Eczema is a common condition during winter days, especially in people with very dry skin. The antiseptic and moisturizing properties from beeswax help in treating Eczema.

· Beeswax reduces scars and stretch marks- It’s effective healing properties help reduce the visible marks left by wounds or acne on the skin. It’s moisturizing effects, naturally aid in eliminating stretch marks.

· Beeswax heals and soothes the skin- it keeps the skin healthy by locking in the moisture, it soothes irritation and boosts the healing process. It calms redness, protects and repairs rough, dry or chapped skin, being beneficial for sensitive skin.

· Beeswax reduces dark circles- the luminous factor of this super ingredient helps hydrate the darkness around the eyes. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

These endless benefits of Beeswax make it an essential component in makeup and skincare products. It increases the durability of the products, making them stay longer, increasing their effectiveness. Organic skincare helps your skin breathe and gives you the confidence you need to carry your natural skin.

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